The China Clipper Cocktail Recipe

We’re excited to share this festive rum cocktail recipe straight from the Weekapaug Inn Sommelier! The inspiration for this cocktail with tea comes from the local seaside towns of Mystic, Stonington and Westerly and their rich histories. As merchant communities, majestic sailing ships known as China Clippers often docked at their ports when not at sea. Many products were traded with Asian countries, including spices, tea and locally distilled rum transported in sturdy oak barrels during the long voyage. An excellent example is Thomas Tew rum, named after a legendary privateer in Newport’s history. The rum is still crafted in Newport, Rhode Island – a short 40-minute drive from Weekapaug.  



Steep Lapsang Souchong (Pine Smoked) Tea for 7-8 minutes and chill in a refrigerator.

Combine fresh rosemary and clove in an appropriate container. Add 1 cup sugar and equal parts boiling water to create a rosemary-clove syrup.

If feasible, blend tea, rum, and bitters and store in a small oak barrel.


The China Clipper

1.5 ounces Thomas Tew Rum

.75 ounces Rosemary Clove Syrup

3 ounces of chilled Lapsang Souchong Tea

2 dashes of Chinese Five Spice Bitters


Served on the rocks and garnished with a pressed rosemary sprig.