Landscaping for Environmental Stewardship

There are many benefits to living on the shore of beautiful Quonochontaug Pond, ranging from stunning water views to unparalleled recreational activities. However, along with great fun comes a great responsibility to the environment. Salt ponds are a valuable and sensitive habitat, and, in many landscaped environments, rainwater runoff has the potential to carry nitrogen and lawn chemicals, fueling the growth of algae and harming marine life. To prevent such damage, Weekapaug Inn limits its use of lawn care products and maintains environmental landscaping designed to reduce water runoff during heavy rainfall.


The grasses and carefully constructed river-stone border shown in the photo below are more than just attractive Rhode Island landscape design elements; they help protect the salt pond. Vegetated landscaping buffers constructed of grass and native Rhode Island shrubs intercept surface water running toward Quonnie Pond, slowing it down and allowing it to infiltrate. Likewise, the decorative stone border breaks up the stream of water that previously formed along the edging. This environmental landscaping prevents erosion and promotes absorption into the earth.


As you can probably deduce from previous blog posts, we’re passionate about nature and its inhabitants at Weekapaug Inn. It’s great when you can create something that is aesthetically pleasing but also functional and beneficial for the environment.