Sea Urchins

When the tide is right during our Motorboat Safaris, I often stop at a certain rocky outcropping and reach over the side of the boat to pick up a sea urchin for inspection. In some parts of the world, sea urchins are very sharp, but our local variety has blunter spines that don’t do much damage to a hand. Some people like to eat sea urchins – you often see it on a sushi menu – but personally, I find urchins to be intensely salty and fishy tasting.  Since we don’t have many here in the Pond, I always carefully place them back where I found them.  Sea urchins adhere to submerged rocks and slowly creep along eating algae and seaweed that grows on the surface.  They are a lot of fun to look at and are just one of the many interesting creatures that live in our backyard.