Seal Season

Seal season has arrived in Weekapaug! Beginning in late October and stretching into November, we start to see multiple seals in the saltwater pond and sometimes along the beaches. As water temperatures continue to drop in late autumn and early winter, the seals will start to haul themselves up on the rocks to soak up some sunshine.  Many mornings we will look out and see six or eight on a rock pile out in the saltwater pond.

I like our arrangement with the seals.  They generally arrive with the cooler weather when we are done swimming and leave in April before we want to go back in the water. It’s not that I am opposed to swimming alongside seals; it’s more who they attract that concerns me. In Cape Cod, around Chatham and Monomoy Island where there are large colonies of seals, Great White sharks have been a growing presence. Sharks love to eat seal so they cruise closely alongside the beaches looking for a meal. I am much happier swimming here in the summer where we don’t have that kind of shark bait!

Most of the time we see Harbor Seals. Later in the winter we might see our other semi-native species, the Gray Seal. From time-to-time we also see Ice Seals that travel very far south to enjoy our beaches. These include Harp Seals and Hooded Seals. 

If you come to stay with us between late fall and spring, there is a pretty good chance we can show you one of these cute marine mammals through our high-end spotting scope.