Motorboat Outings

Excursions on InnSight, the Inn's high-speed, shallow-draft motorboat, offer exploration, fun and adventure.


The Inn's high-speed, shallow-draft motorboat, InnSight, is fast, stable and can easily maneuver shallow water, allowing for an in-depth exploration of our 750-acre lagoon. The boat accommodates up to six passengers and our Captain.

Scheduled Outings

Join Captain Mark for a 40-minute exploration of the salt pond during one of our scheduled outings. These trips are the ideal way for children (and adults) of all ages to explore the pond and its plentiful wildlife. Please check the Inn's resort activities calendar for specific times. Tickets may be purchased at Weekapaug Inn's front desk at the rate of $20/ fare. 

Private Charters

Private boat charters (for up to six passengers) offer extended trips specifically catered toward the guests' particular interests. Charter trips are billed at a flat rate of $180 for the first hour and $45 per 1/4 hour thereafter. Box lunches and/or beverages can be added to any of the following private outings:

Nature Safari 

Hold on tight... We're going for an adventure! With a burst of speed, Innsight cruises down Quonochontaug Pond. Once we arrive at our destination, we raise the ultra-quiet motor and casually coast through marshes, searching for crabs, fish, birds and other notable wildlife. You'll hunt for moon snails from the privacy of a remote beach and, with a bit of luck, find a sea urchin to touch. These trips are fun and educational at the same time.

Wonderful Wandering

The speed of the motorboat and a shallow-draft hull allows us to explore wherever our whim takes us. We will see natural vistas, check out the breachway to the sea, visit an oyster farm and explore small harbors with beautiful waterfront homes. Great fun with no big agenda.

Light Fishing

Light in two ways: 1) We use light tackle and typically cast for smaller varieties of fish within the calm waters; 2) We limit the trips to one hour to one hour and one half. This charter is great for adults who want a dedicated guide but don't want to spend all day on the water. Children will also enjoy the experience. For longer charters, we work with local guides. Inquire with Weekapaug Inn's front desk for additional information. 

Swimming and Beach

If swimming and basking in the sun from a remote, protected beach are more your speed, this is the private charter for you. Our skiff has a built-in ladder for swimming, flat platform for jumping into the water and the ability to land on a lovely, sheltered beach.  

To reserve any of the InnSight motorboat trips, please visit the Weekapaug Inn front desk or contact Destination Services at (855) 679-2995.

Additional boating opportunities are available through our sister property, Ocean House, in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Please click here to learn more about the Ocean House Fleet. 

All Rhode Island boating is subject to weather and may be suspended at the discretion of the on-duty staff and/or Captain. State law requires that passengers under 13 years of age wear life jackets while aboard. The Inn offers life jackets in a full range of sizes (infant through XL).