Fall in Weekapaug

My, but fall in Rhode Island is lovely. Just look at the picture in this posting, with the beautiful sky, the soft sunlight, golden marsh grasses and subdue fall colors. This year we’ve had week after week of exquisitely comfortable fall days and now, here in early November, we are in the midst of a true Indian summer. We had several frosts in October, but now the days are up in the 60’s and by Friday it might even be 70 degrees. The lanes of Weekapaug, the marshes and the beach are all so picturesque and peaceful. New England fall foliage is beautiful, and there's lots of fun wildlife to watch for, as well. Winter ducks are showing up and just when you think the wading birds are gone for the season another batch comes migrating through. Today I saw a grouping of three lesser yellowlegs. Speaking of wading birds, note the Great Egret in the center of the photo.