Moon Snails

The two creatures this young guest is holding are moon snails. They are the largest snails we have locally, and we often find them out on the sand shallows of the salt pond. When the snail extends its foot, the foot fills with water and becomes surprisingly large – even bigger than seen in the accompanying photo. The snail uses the foot not only to propel along the surface, but to dig into the sand to search for clams. Moon snails are predators and use a rasp-like appendage on their foot to drill circular holes in clamshells, oyster shells or whatever other shellfish species they encounter. Once the hole penetrates the shell, they are able to consume the creature from within its own shell. Moon snails are largely nocturnal and spend most of the day just below the sand. When you come to visit the Inn, ask if we have one close at hand. We regularly stock a live tank with Quonochontaug Pond wildlife, and we might just have a moon snail for you to see firsthand!