Sea Lavender

Sea Lavender is a lovely, lacy New England perennial that grows in the marshes along the edge of our saltwater pond. Each year as winter approaches, the little plant dies back until warmer weather returns. As spring comes around, new growth arises from the rhizome root that remains cozy in the salty peat of the marsh.  As summer fades into fall, tiny lavender-colored flowers line each branch of the plant, adding splashes of beautiful color to the green and gold hues of the marsh. With the progression of fall, the pedals fade away but calyces – the sepals of a flower – remain. Calyces are very pretty in their own right, as you can see from the picture above. Sea Lavender plants dry well and make for a beautiful display, but due to over-harvesting it is somewhat endangered and is protected on all public lands. Even in the midst of winter, Quonochontaug Pond remains as picturesque as ever.